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Jerry can ??Sand Track?? GKA
Jerry can ??Sand Track?? GKA

Professional expeditionary 10-liters-jerry can?GKA ??Sand Track??

1. It is cone-shaped in order to provide comfortable usage as a ??Sand Track??.
2. It is supplemented with a fastening sling for comfortable montage on your techniques, as well as for fastening two?jerry cans in one.

- There a plug, a comfortable spout and a fastening sling are in the set.
- In the section ??fasteners? you can find a comfortable fastener for this?jerry can.
- It is produced in two colors ? black and red.
- It is made of ultra strong polyethylene.
- It is indispensable for all the machinery

LWH: 65x335x860mm
Weight: 4 kg

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