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About us
GKA SPORT is a registered trademark that belongs to the “GKA TRADE” LLC.
We have been engaged in developing of plastic goods for more than 5 years. During this period of time we projected and constructed additional fuel tanks, toolboxes for automobiles and cutters of Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations. In 2013 we launched a range of civil production under the brand GKA. All our goods are produced in the Russian Federation on the Italian and German hardware. In the production we use only high quality European and American plastic materials and dyes of our partners: LyondellBasell, A. Schulman, Dupont. All the products pass quality control during the assemblage. All these measures and long-term work experience enables us achieving the at the most high quality of the production and exceeding the producers of similar goods not only from China, but also from the USA, Canada and Europe in all the characteristics.
The company “GKA TRADE” LLC owns several patents in the producing of plastic goods.
We are aimed at cooperation and expansion of our tissue distribution.
We permanently broaden our assortment and monitor all the stages – from idea to final mass production.

What is GKA?
The brand GKA was launched on the 1 October 2011 by a group of people united by a common hobby called motorcycling.
“We have set ours mind on making this sport more accessible”. Said one of the founders of this brand.
Having scrutinized the offers made by foreign producers (namely, from the USA and Canada that have already built up their reputation), they chose the most demanded and interesting articles of accessories.
“At that moment we wanted to provide our consumers really qualitative goods for adequate sum of money. It has been our mission to present day” – one the GKA founders continues.
In that way appeared a range of ATV Boxes, which includes more than 20 models.
“This range was so thought over that the most experienced client could select a model of ATV Box, which would mostly meet its wishes!” – resumed one of the founders of this brand.