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Expeditionary Case ?4
Expeditionary Case ?4

The case is made of high quality reinforced polyethylene of high molecular density. Designed for transportation and storage of various goods, such as electronic and optical devices, weapons, musical instruments, medical and technical equipment, etc.

The GKA expedition case line includes 5 cases of various sizes and volumes, as well as a 28-liter expedition canister.

Volume: 158 liters.

All cases have:

- The thorn-groove shape that allows them to be stacked.
- Rubber seal - tongue-and-groove joint using an o-ring that provides leak tightness and moisture protection.
- The cap locks (cadmium steel) with a tilted swivel eccentric.

- Operating temperature ranges from -40 to +90 ? C.
- High resistance to mechanical and shock loads, UV radiation, aggressive fluids.
- The reliable, folding rubberized handle for carrying.
- All metal elements of the handles and locks are made of stainless steel.
- All rivets are installed in stainless inserts.
- Two restrictive cables on the lid.

* Additionally, it can be equipped with a pressure equalization valve.
** Foam bed, filling the inner space of the case in accordance with the shape of the transported items, is to be ordered separately.