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The national team of the Russian CFMOTO club has made a unique journey to the shores of the Pacific Ocean across the Kamchatka Peninsula! There, where Russia begins to where the snow falls in the morning, the sun at lunch and the rainstorm for dinner - or the other way round, as the chips may fall. The long-planned journey was undertaken by veteran pilots of many expeditions: AZIMUT 66 (Yekaterinburg), Motokam (Kazan) and Persery (Pervouralsk). 10 people. 8 vehicles, of which seven from CFMOTO and one from BRP. 10 days of intensely emotional travel!


Ten Days at Kamchatka was a success in every meaning of the word – we saw and felt everything this marvellous place is famous for, learned all its habits and and whims.

 the team on a glacier.

We hit the road at +25 and ate dust for the first two days. Asphalt all the way to Petropavlovsk, then a badass gravel road across the Vilyuchik pass (2200m), carpeted with incredibly bright and fragile plants from the Red Book.

 The first views, the first impressions – Kamchatka does not stint on them. Although it doesn't always happen like this, not by a long shot. It is not unlikely that you fly to the edge of the world only to drive through the entire route in a blind fog, without seeing a thing.

  We seemed to have set off at a lively clip, but still had to set up camp in the dark not at all where we had planned to.

 As the altitude dropped, the going got more interesting. First off, the paths gained in appeal – the scenic beauty gave way to the thrills of joyriding. Tundra segued into tall thickets, slush and forest trails.

After all, let's not forget that we've brought quad bikes here for a reason) Although the bulk of travellers use ZILs to move from volcano to volcano in this land. And this is the format all guides spent years in perfecting.

Well, to put it simply so you understand if you decide to follow in our footsteps: you need to research routes before you set out.

 We reached the Opala springs. To set up tents, we had to clear away all traces of bear activities in that place.

camp bear an exciting breath-taking forest trail, alternatively leading into fields and diving into a river, switchbacks, ambushes – all for daredevil stunts.

Kamchatka road ford alpine meadows ATV rollover. To reach Khodutka, you normally need a helicopter; we, however, were set on doing it by ATV.

We seemed to have sorted out the bear situation: those grazing in the fields, we film and take down; the rivers, we scope out; the only question that remained was what to do if we plough into a teddy in a blind turn) we never solved that one))) a ford across a river. As we travelled on, the camp kept shrinking, with the tents pressing ever closer to each other, until there was not an inch of clearance remaining between them.